About us

Our Story And Mission For The DogHugs Brand

Founded in 2015 we had a specific vision for the DogHugs brand, the three simple points to our whole business model.

In order for us to achieve these goals we needed to create something special, a place where all dog lovers can unite which is where our slogan was born.

Where Dog Lovers Unite

On our Blog you will find an ever growing collection of dog related topics such as videos, pictures and stories.
Our main objective is to engage and entertain the end user which is you.
We want you to feel welcome and engaged through a positive experience while absorbing our content. is an e commerce web store, this here is the driving force to our complete objective.
By offering super high quality items/apparel and awesome art designs it gives us the ability to sell more products.

Which equals to helping more dogs.

The more we sell the more we can help

Our goal is to help as many rescue and shelter dogs possible, we do so by donating a portion of all sales to various dog shelters/rescues.

We believe in order to build trust with you transparency is the key

Feel free to follow us on any of the social platforms we are on, tell your family and friends about us as well.
We want to create something special here that will benefit many dogs and give them the help they may need so please spread the word.


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